2016 Hot On Your Heels RIDER UPDATE


Loads of important info included below (including slight course changes so read on!)

Registration and Waves
Many of you may have noticed that we didn’t have you sign up for waves this year. We will still be sending riders out in waves but please self seed yourself and take other riders into consideration when doing so. We’ve got 250 riders so we’ll send riders out in groups of 50 and there will be 5 waves this year. If you head out in the first or second wave, but are figuring you’ll be placing around #180, you’ve picked the wrong wave! With riders starting stage 1 every 30 seconds, this potentially means a 25+ minute wait at the top of stage 1. The best way to reduce your wait at the top of stage 1 is to take your sweet time pedalling up (you’re welcome). The crazy line ups should be gone by the time you get to stage 2. Speaking up pedalling up….. read on!!!
Registration will start at 8:45am and run until 11am.
Wave 1 will start at 9:15, wave 2 will start at 9:45am, wave 3 will start at 10:15am, wave 4 will start at 10:45am and the final wave will start at 11am.
The registration will take place on the Ring Creek FSR. From the bottom of Half Nelson, head up the Ring Creek FSR towards the Pseudo tsuga shelter. Just a short pedal up and I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to miss the half naked gentlemen eagerly awaiting your arrival. Best to park near the finish area which is near Quest. I promise you won’t feel like pedalling up to the upper lot to retrieve your car at the end of the day so plan ahead.

Cell Phones
If you are carrying your cell phones while riding, I highly suggest wrapping them in a ziplock bag in the bottom of your camel back. I cannot be held responsible for sponge bath cell phone damage.

Course Details
The course map has been provided by Trailforks. Check out where you’ll be going! The course will be flagged with bright blue signage by the end of this weekend. The approximate start and finish locations will be flagged with hot pink tape. Every stage is taped currently with the exception of Hoods, this will be done by the end of this weekend.

After a bit of careful consideration, we’ve realized that most of you really just want to ride your bike and make it to the after party with enough gas in your tank to still party the night away. So we’re cutting a few corners to get you from the start to the finish line a bit quicker than originally planned. Our new found ‘shortcuts’ will shave quite a bit of time off the length of the entire course. After registration, to get to the start of Stage 1, Angry Midget, we’ve decided that you can make your way up to the trail head by either the Legacy climb (if you’re one of those crazy people…) or by the Ring Creek FSR. (woohoo!) After finishing stage 1 you’ll head up to Stage 2, Hybrid/Lowdown via the Ring Creek FSR again. The end of this stage can be a bit confusing but it’s flagged with bright blue signs and on the day of the race there will be race tape to help guide you to where you want to go.

After Hybrid/Lowdown, we’ve found a little shortcut that will get you back up to the Ring Creek FSR pretty quickly. It currently involves about 30 seconds of bushwacking but this should be good and cleared for race day. If you are looking for it ahead of race day, it will be flagged by Sunday afternoon (July 17th)

After stage 2 you will find the feed zone. It will be packed full with water, an energy drink and lots of fresh fruit and goodies provided by the awesome people at Nesters Market, Squamish

After you’ve fueled up you’ll make your way to Stage 3, Fred, but first you’ll be delighted to find our third and final shortcut which is much quicker than the original George’s Crossing bridge. SORCA has been busy building a new crossing and although it’s not finished yet, we’ll be able to sneak on through on race day and I’m sure you’ll be very happy with this short cut! If you’ve been out on Fred lately you’ll have noticed the hot pink ribbon to show the start of the timed section. It starts pretty deep into the trail (just after the chute) but don’t worry, you’ll still be huffing and puffing by the time you cross the finish line on this one.

After Fred you’ll make your way via Tinder over to Stage 4, Your Mom. Don’t let this trail fool you, it’s pretty pedally but oh so fun!

After Your Mom you’ll sneak out on Flat Alley and head over to Darwin’s bridge, up to Powerhood Connector and on to your 5th stage, Hoods in the Woods.

The timing for Hoods in the Woods starts a bit into the trail. We’ve cut out quite a bit of the clmbing on this one. As stags 1 and 2 favour the dh’ers and stages 3 and 4 favour the pedallers in the group, we’ve tried to keep this one as middle ground as possible. And as the descent has definitely seen better days, hold on for the ride and know that the finish line is just around the corner!

Enduro Etiquette
For many of you, this is the first time you will be racing enduro so I just want to add a little info on proper enduro etiquette. During the four enduro timed stages, riders are starting in 30 second intervals. Therefore, if a rider catches you, it is because they have gained 30 seconds over your time and are therefore faster than you. Don’t panic but Please allow them to pass AS SOON as you possibly can. If you are the rider from behind coming up on a fellow rider, please make your presence known, I find yelling out ‘rider’ is the best possible way but feel free to yell out ‘hey sexy, I’m hot on your heels’. Most importantly though, remember this is a fun and supportive race. Please also yell ‘thanks’ or words of encouragement as you go by. If you crash, pull off to the side as quickly as possible. If you are able to continue, make sure it is safe to do so and jump back on that saddle. If you come upon a fallen rider – Please make sure the fallen rider is ok. A quick ‘are you ok?’ usually does the trick.
After Party Details
Tickets for the after party will be picked up at the finish line of the race. YOU MUST NOT LOSE YOUR AFTER PARTY TICKET! This will get you in to the after party.
The after party will kick off at Squamish Valley Golf Course at 6:00pm with dinner served at 7:30pm. Awards and prizes will start around 8pm.
We don’t often get opportunities to throw on our sexy high heels in Squamish but this is one of them! Wash off the mud and dirt and dress to impress! The after party is open to riders and official volunteers only. We are at maximum capacity for the venue and bursting at the seams. If you think we won’t notice your buddy sneaking into the after party, you’re wrong, as it’ll be like a giant game of duck duck goose and not enough chairs.

Refunds AND transfers are no longer available. Many of the costs involved have already been paid for and therefore I am unable to offer refunds. Organization has started for race timing and therefore we cannot accommodate any more transfers either. Remember, all proceeds from the night will be going to Go Girls so if for some reason you are unable to race, give yourself a pat on the back for still contributing to a great event and an incredible cause.

Pack your purses with plenty of cash! Loads of prizes are being donated to our prize table. Each rider will receive one free raffle ticket but if you want to get in on the goods, plenty of extra raffle tickets will be available for purchase with all proceeds going to Go Girls! Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds, a division of Big Brothers Big Sisters. We’ve got some pretty incredible prizes up for grabs, including a couple of 7Mesh jackets, 3 biking kits provided by Pearl Izumi for the best costumes on course, a pair of tickets to go see the Tragically Hip and a Norco Carbon Range 7.3 donated by Norco Bicycles and Republic Bicycles! Hot Damn!!! Remember, additional raffle tickets can be purchased and all proceeds will be going to Go Girls! There is an ATM on site just in case but plan ahead and bring cash!!
Our amazing contributors that have donated some pretty sweet prizes and helped to make this an incredible event. Show your support by choosing the following business the next time you are in need of something they provide.
And if you would like to throw in a prize or two for our raffle table, please contact me at melissa@squamishenduro.com.
Every dollar from this raffle will go directly back into Go Girls in Squamish.

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