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Enduro Etiquette

For some of you, this is the first time you will be racing enduro so here’s a little info on proper enduro etiquette. During the enduro timed stages, riders are starting in 30 second intervals. Therefore, if a rider catches you, it is because they have gained 30 seconds over your time and are therefore faster than you. Don’t panic but Please allow them to pass AS SOON as you possibly can. If you are the rider from behind coming up on a fellow rider, please make your presence known, I find yelling out ‘rider’ is the best possible way but feel free to yell out ‘hey sexy, I’m hot on your heels’. Most importantly though, remember this is a fun and supportive race. Please also yell ‘thanks’ or words of encouragement as you go by. If you crash, pull off to the side as quickly as possible. If you are able to continue, make sure it is safe to do so and jump back on that saddle. If you come upon a fallen rider – Please make sure the fallen rider is ok. A quick ‘are you ok?’ usually does the trick.


Registration begins at 8:00 and runs until 10:30am.

A social ride with a race component….The Hot On Your Heels course utilizes by far some of the best trails in Squamish. A fair bit of climbing, a good amount of descending, amazing views, nothing too hard, nothing too easy, and a great way to help raise funds for Go Girls! Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds. This is going to be one of the most amazing days you can have on your bike in Squamish.

Looking for details on the 2020 course, they will be announced later but you can check out what we raced last year to give you an idea

2019 Course details below

Registration and Race Plate pick up will take place at the first Y on the Mashiter.

There will be 5 timed sections this year, and we’re changing it up just a bit from last year

STAGE 1 TWO STROKE SMOKE. This is a fast and fun, although often dusty, short descent. There’s one last rock feature near the end that you’re likely going to want to check out first.

STAGE 2 Have you ever had that moment when you found two pairs of shoes that you just absolutely love and can’t decide which ones to buy, so you buy both! This is stage 2 – Choose Your Own Adventure! You’ve got the choice of RUPERT or LEAVE OF ABSENCE. Both trails are pretty pedally and tons of fun. Rupert is classified as a bit harder than Leave of Absence but don’t let that fool ya, Leave of Absence has some tech moves in there as well. You think Rupert is faster than Leave of Absence? Think again…. it’s all going to depend on where we start and end the timing. We’re going to make the two courses pretty darn close in length so you can pick your favourite and enjoy the ride. Oh – and we’ve got some sweet prizes for certain places on each of these two trails, more details to follow.

STAGE 3 is HYBRID 1, back for another year only we’re riding Hybrid 1 proper! In years past we’ve sent you right and down the bermy exit. Not this year. We’re staying on trail right back to the Ring Creek FSR.

STAGE 4 is PSEUDO TSUGA 1, 2, 3. Sounds easy right? Well I guarantee you’ll be huffing and puffing by the time you cross that finish line, this is a long stage and very deceiving.

So somehow that’s only 4 stages right? But we said we’ve got 5 stages this year…. That’s right, we’re throwing in a BLIND STAGE somewhere on course! What!?!

Stage 5 is TOP SECRET INFORMATION. And no, that’s not the name of the trail. We’re throwing in a 5th stage somewhere on course. The only thing we will tell you is it’s not the 5th stage, maybe it’s before stage 1, maybe it’s after stage 3, nobody knows! It will will be an intermediate level trail, no need to worry about sessioning it first. And no, I won’t tell you ahead of time, don’t even try to bribe me with red wine and chocolate 

You’ll be grabbing your after party ticket at the end of Pseudo Tsuga so feel free to send your cheering squad to the lower shuttle lot at the end of the race. Parking details to follow

Want to crush it out there on course and #StrutYourSkills ? We’ve still got spots available for this weekend’s Coaching Clinic with Ride Hub. You’ll have amazing expert coaching in a focused small group format. Check it out here Strut Your Skills Coaching Clinic

You can find the race course on Trail Forks here OPTION 1 or OPTION 2