Course Info

Enduro Etiquette

For some of you, this is the first time you will be racing enduro so here’s a little info on proper enduro etiquette. During the enduro timed stages, riders are starting in 30 second intervals. Therefore, if a rider catches you, it is because they have gained 30 seconds over your time and are therefore faster than you. Don’t panic but Please allow them to pass AS SOON as you possibly can. If you are the rider from behind coming up on a fellow rider, please make your presence known, I find yelling out ‘rider’ is the best possible way but feel free to yell out ‘hey sexy, I’m hot on your heels’. Most importantly though, remember this is a fun and supportive race. Please also yell ‘thanks’ or words of encouragement as you go by. If you crash, pull off to the side as quickly as possible. If you are able to continue, make sure it is safe to do so and jump back on that saddle. If you come upon a fallen rider – Please make sure the fallen rider is ok. A quick ‘are you ok?’ usually does the trick.




Registration begins at 8:30 and runs until 10:30am.

A social ride with a race component….The Hot On Your Heels course utilizes by far some of the best trails in Squamish. A fair bit of climbing, a good amount of descending, amazing views, nothing too hard, nothing too easy, and a great way to help raise funds for Go Girls! Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds. This is going to be one of the most amazing days you can have on your bike in Squamish.

There will be 5 timed sections this year, and we’re changing it up just a bit from last year:

  • 1st stage Another Man’s Gold
  • 2nd stage IMBA
  • 3rd stage Angry Midget
  • 4th stage Lowdown 1 & Lowdown 2
  • 5th stage Singletrack Mind

And for 2018, we are throwing in a climb section!! Don’t worry ladies, it is not part of the overall and not mandatory! But for those little rabbits amongst us, you can test your lungs on our climbing stage of Panda Connector!

Registration and Race Plate pick up will take place at the first Y on the Ring Creek FSR. The finish line will take place at the Carpenter’s Son Bridge (Trailforks map finish line is currently incorrect)

The start of your day will begin with a fast downhill onto Stage 1

STAGE 1 ANOTHER MAN’S GOLD. This is a fast and flowy trail and a great way to get the jitters out.

After the end of stage 1 you’ll head across the road and bust a lung on our timed climbing section

CLIMBING STAGE PANDA CONNECTOR. I have no idea why I think this is a good reason, I hate climbing. But rumour has it, some you ladies love to do it. So there you go.

After Panda riders will head up Skookum (it wasn’t that bad last year was it….) and onto stage 2

STAGE 2 is IMBA. This is a fantastic but often forgotten about Blue trail. It’s fast and flowy with a few spots you might want to check out before race day but nothing gnarly! There’s a new exit of IMBA that you can jump on just to the hard right before the big rock. It’s got a few steep sections and things you should check out first but it’s in great shape

After stage 2 come back over Loggers Crossing, be sure to high 5 the ladies as you pass them on their way up skookum and then head left up hill.

STAGE 3 is ANGRY MIDGET, back for another year and so darn fun. Both options are open about 1/3rd of the way down the trail (both the straight shot and the switchbacks) but by now you ladies should have this trail dialled.

At the bottom of stage 3 you will hang a right and head back up the Ring Creek FSR to stage 4

STAGE 4 is LOW DOWN 1 & LOW DOWN 2. Lowdown 1 is a fantastic trail and we’ve raced it a few times now. But we’ve never continued on to Low Down 2 so this year we are throwing it in there. Low Down 2 has a tendency to get very loose and dusty so fingers off those brakes ladies and enjoy the ride.

From the bottom of stage 4 you’ll cruise down Pseudo Tsuga 3, bomb down the road, bike past the finish line and high five Rolando (do not end your day yet, as tempting as this will be, you’ve still got far side left!!). Riders will pedal over towards Valleycliffe and up Far Side…. I’m sorry. When you reach the top, you’ll almost be at stage 5, but not quite, and not really almost either. You’ll continue along a climb and by now I’m sure you’ll be exhausted but get ready for one of your new favourite trails

STAGE 5 is SINGLETRACK MIND. This is a brand new trail built by one of our amazing volunteers, Gary McFarlane. It’s got some rock rolls (with ride arounds) and some super fun flowy sections. It’s worth the pedal up.

After you finish stage 5, head back over the Carpenter’s Son Bridge to high five your friends and pick up your after party ticket! Kick off those biking shoes, throw on your hottest high heels and get ready to dance the night away!

You can find the race course on Trail Forks here HOT ON YOUR HEELS RACE COURSE . Please note, there are a few small changes to the course still to be made. We’ll have those dialled as soon as we can