Enduro? What the heck does that mean?
An enduro race typically consists of 3-5 timed stages which take place on technical, generally descending terrain. These stages are linked by predominantly ascending connecting stages. Due to this eclectic combination of attributes, enduro racing is increasingly recognised as the truest test of the all-round mountain biker.

Enduro combines the excitement of Downhill, the fitness of Cross Country and camaraderie like you’ve never experienced at an event before. The fastest growing mountain bike race discipline in the North America, 90% of the nation’s Super D events switched to Enduro format for 2012. Enduro offers the recreational cyclist a challenging yet fun racing experience while offering serious racers the ultimate test of fitness and technical skill. No longer do you need a purpose built XC or DH race bike, the best tool for the job is the bike most mountain bikers already own, a 5-6inch travel trail bike…and that is why we choose to race Enduro!

So how is the Hot On Your Heels going to work?
This year we would like to emphasize the fact that HOYH is a Social ride with a race component. Riders will NOT be timed from start to finish. There will be timed stages. Ride the trails between the timed sections at your own pace. Meet other awesome women and enjoy the “entertainment” along the way. In the end, it’s all about having a fun day out with other fantastic women and giving back to young girls in Squamish.

What time will it start?

Registration starts at 8:30am and will run until 10:30am. Riders will be sent in 1 of 2 directions in order to cut back on lengthy line ups at stage 1. After picking up your race plates, gather your group, spin the wheel and head out. Sounds silly? That’s exactly what we want. This is no ordinary race

When should you expect to register and head out? 
We aren’t doing grouped waves this year as we’ve realized that most of you ladies are rule breakers anyway. So what we are doing is having you all self-seed throughout the hours of 8:30am and 10:30am.

How should you self-seed?
Start according to your ability ON THE DESCENT STAGES.  Just because you are a fast climber DOES NOT mean you should start at 8:30am. Only register at 8:30am if you will not be holding anyone up on the timed descent stages. Riders wanting to push themselves on the whole course (this means the timed sections!) should choose to come by registration at 8:30am. For those looking to keep the race atmosphere and can get up the mountain at a good pace, come by registration closer to 9am. If you don’t want to work up a sweat too early on, but are still quite confident on the timed stages, come by registration at 9:30am. And for those of you that plan on spending more time chatting with the volunteers than pushing hard on your bike (or if you are just looking to keep it chill), come by registration for 10am. Riders will be sent for the timed stages at 30 second intervals.

Why aren’t you timing start to finish?
The idea behind an enduro is very similar to the way we ride our bikes on any given day. We have time to chat with our friends and have a few laughs on the way to the trail head and then when it’s time to drop in, it’s go time! By not timing the entire course this will give you plenty of time to wait for your friends, cheer them on as they come through the end of a section and to chat about how much fun you’re having! Plus, this should also give you plenty of time to chat up our half naked volunteers on course!
But I’m not a downhiller so why should I race?
First of all, the timed sections are not strictly downhill. There will be plenty of pedaling involved and even some uphill climbing in the timed sections. And second of all, let’s not forget what this is all about, raising money for Go Girls and getting out on your bike with a ton of other amazing women!
What type of protection should I wear?
Helmets are mandatory while on course at all times. Although there will be plenty of descending, we recommend your cross country helmet over a full face as there is plenty of pedaling in between. However, if you want to rock both and switch between the two, that’s cool with us. If you feel more comfortable wearing knee pads and or elbow pads, by all means throw them on, just remember it may be a scorcher of a day so the lighter the pads the better.
Will there be a feed station and water along the route? 
Yes, there will be water, energy drinks and yummy snacks along the route as well as at the finish line but please come prepared for a long day in the saddle
Will there by a vegetarian option at dinner?
You bethcha!
Can my friend/boyfriend/husband come to the after party? 
Currently the after party is for riders and volunteers only as we have a maximum capacity we must stick to. If there is room closer to the date of the party we will be selling after party only tickets. We’ll keep you posted on that
Are you still looking for sponsors? 
YES! If you want to be a sponsor please send an email to melissa@squamishenduro.com